Day Two: One-Word Prompts



So, my hope for this book that I am writing is that it chronicle my odd and enchanting (?) life. So, with this in mind, I purchased The Book of Me: a do it yourself memoir I haven’t touched it since 2010, and the reasons why will be chronicled on another day. But, for now… let’s start with The Book of Me; a do it yourself memoir section, “One-Word Prompts.”


“Even one-word prompts can rev up your thinking and stir up an insight. Write quickly and don’t second guess yourself.”

When do you feel….

Adored: when I am with friends

Afraid: when I think about being alone

Ambitious: when I am writing

Angry: when I think about my parents

Ashamed: when I think about my mental issues

Bored: right now

Cocky: when talking about feminism

Confused: all the time

Content: never

Courageous: when my heart beats

Cruel: when someone breaks my heart

Disappointed: when someone breaks my heart

Embarrassed: when I feel really fat

Exhausted: after I volunteer

Grateful: when I am at yoga

Greedy: when I am practicing what I learned in counselling

Guilty: when I borrow money from my parents

Happy: when surrounded by puppies

Inspired: when I am with my nephew

Intimidated: when I am with like-minded folks

Jealous: every fucking minute

Left out: when I was in highschool.

Lonely: when I am in a strange city alone.

Needed: When I am at work

Obsessed: When I am in a relationship or eating a bag of chips

Passionate: when I am writing

Proud: when I graduated University and when I produced my first Pride Parade

Relieved: when I lie and don’t get caught in it.

Remorsefulness: when I get caught in a lie

Resentful: when those that hurt me are happy

Selfish: when I live for myself

Sexy: after a shower in a white t shirt and cotton underwear

Stressed: when packing for a trip

Sympathetic: when others are hurting

Threatened: when I am not believed

Trusted: when I am with kids and animals

Vengeful: when I feel betrayed.




Day Two: One-Word Prompts

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