Eulogy of Mama by her sister Nancy….



-Jacki without an “e”, Ann without an “e”, Jacqueline with a “q”

Early Interests shaped passions for herself and others later in life. Several examples of how Jacki’s past played out in the future of others

Rockhound– had a collection in elementary school, could identify them, knew their history, etc..  Wade, wonder where your future came from??

Spiritual- interest and belief in the supernatural. Erin, you fit in perfectly

History– school: academic/vocational. Jacki decided to take History in Grade 12. Unheard of but she worked very hard and was successful. Future: passion for history played out through her lifelong interest in art history and travels in Egypt, England, and Europe where she was thrilled to visit galleries and museums that she had always read about.

Sewing and Textiles: major area of study in senior high school: revisited passion with coursework in the textiles programme at Capilano University over several years. She was very proud of her studies there and didn’t feel out of place with younger college students.


Family:  Pride in her children’s talents, interests, education and pursuits.

Dallas: Accomplishments in your administrative roles with Pride at local, national and international levels. Travel to meetings including Europe and The White House. Poise when being interviewed by media on T.V.

Wade: Geology degree through SFU as well as further education at BCIT. Successful career as a geologist both in the field and at the corporate level.

Erin and Wade: so proud of the dedication you both have shown as parents both in your daily care of Effie and Wyatt and your commitment to do the best job you can as parents.

As Granny: loved being able to be there so much to experience development of Effie and Wyatt. Fun, play, laughter, games.

Also, took seriously the role of aunt for my kids at graduations and celebrations. Accepted being like a grandparent with pride and responsibility.

Career: Westover Day Care: dedication, genuine care and concern, creativity; recognized by educators who worked with her for the excellent programme she ran there.

Home Support and Careworker: Jacki epitomized the person you would have hoped for to care for you, your child, or your family member. She talked about her “gift” and many were so grateful to have benefitted from her care and dedication. She often spoke of her clients with great and devotion.

Accepting:  Okay, this is what you’ve got. When you are young, you have dreams and assumptions about how things will turn out. Well, Jacki accepted and celebrated the unusual as it turned up in her future. And it did.

For Dallas, she accepted her choices and marched proudly in many Pride Parades with the Parents Group and readily welcomed getting to know her friends wherever Dallas lived.

When the news came that Wade and Erin’s wedding would be officiated by a Wiccan priest, she didn’t bat an eyelash. That was what her kids wanted and so it would be.

When she became aware of some health concerns of her own, she became educated and accepted treatment and limitations with strength and determination.

Jacki could also certainly be feisty and fiercely independent. She travelled to Egypt twice on her own where she lived out her childhood dream of seeing the pyramids. Feisty: when she came to see the Rolling Stones with Paul and me a few years ago, she took exception to people standing in front of us and made it clear that they should sit down and they did. We can all hear her saying “I can do it.”

Things you may not have known about Jacki:

SPORT Swimming accomplishments- Canadian Dolphins member

FITNESS Jazzercize Queen active participant in 70’s leotards

HOCKEY TEAM-Favourite player- Frank Maholovich 27

Teenage rebel: tasselled bikini, backcombed bleached hair, Christmas entrance in suedine bellbottoms with cigarette and rum and coke

FAV BAND Great fan of Rolling Stones and

FAV MOVIES Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago


What would Jacki want?

Don’t live in the past. It’s done, so move forward.

Don’t keep crying over me. You have people to care for so devote your energy with them.

Go where you’ve always wanted to go. No time like the present to pursue your dreams.


Thank you for spending this time with us and be sure to laugh as you share memories of Jacki.

Eulogy of Mama by her sister Nancy….

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