The Cliks


Lucas Silveira of The Cliks is ready to show his true colours at Pride Calgary tonight. The creator and lead singer of the Canadian band is finally where he was always meant to be.

“I am going through a transition in my life, and my music is reflecting that.”

The Cliks have been around for a while, created by Silveira in 2004. The band has gone through an evolution of sorts, starting as a singer and songwriter with acoustic roots and morphing into a collective of revolving musicians that have complimented and enhanced Lucas’s edgy musical style.

Currently, The Cliks include Silveira, Hill Kourkoutis on Bass, and Patrick Von Ghostwolf on Drums. Throughout the past 7 years, Lucas has been the only constant in the band, with a myriad of musicians helping The Cliks realize its full potential along the way. When asked about this turn style of band members, Silveira responds honestly:

“I think I will always have rotating band members in the Cliks. There are always really keen, young kids who want to go touring all the time. The music industry is a really tough place right now. Unless you made a band early in life and have grown together, it is hard to find people that will commit to a product that isn’t their baby. I made the Cliks and it is my band. That is the way it is, and it is hard for people to be fully committed band members. By remaining with the rotating band members I can hire them and they know what they are there for, that way the roles don’t get confused. It is like a marriage. I am in a serious, non-monogamous and polyamorous relationship with my band.”

This collective of band members has prepared Lucas for his most recent album Mockingbird. “I feel that I have my groove back. I have been able to perform songs that I have always wanted to do and have been recording YouTube covers, and requests from people. I felt that I might as well record an album with all of this.”

This album also marks a more personal transition. Lucas, a transgendered man, through the past few years has been transitioning physically into the man that he has always been.

“I am really proud of the new album. When I finished recording I could honestly say, ‘Yes, that’s me.” Before my transition, I would go to the studio and would like the songs once they were completed, but I hated the way it sounded because I didn’t like the way my voice sounded.”

Tonight The Cliks are headlining the Pride Calgary Dance at The Aratta Opera Centre, followed by a film screening and panel discussion about trans issues on Saturday at Club Sapien. Being transgendered, regardless of its inclusion in the LGBTQA acronym, is not on equal grounds with the gay and lesbian movement. As a trans man, Silveira holds this plight dear to his heart.

“Well, it is generally accepted that most Pride celebrations are populated by predominantly gay males. I have been told numerous times that gays and lesbians don’t want the trans community to ride on the coat tails of the gay community. I believe that there is a gay conservative movement. The  [gay] community has made so much leeway in the [gay rights] movement, it is now the norm, and they believe that the trans community is going to set back the movement.”

Pride Calgary is attempting to combat this exclusion with its mandate for the year “Putting the ‘T’ Back in LGBTQA.” Lucas Silveira and The Cliks are a welcome and necessary addition to the celebration.

Published in The Gaily September 2011

The Cliks

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