Dykes Do It Better! Apparently went it comes to orgasms we know what to do…

So I was reading this article. Tell me something I didn’t know already. Of course, as this article points out, there are many scientific and sociological reasons for this:

1. We know our own bodies, therefore odds are we know what other women want.

2. Longer foreplay.

For me, in order to actually let go of all sense of self is the only way I can actually orgasm. This is difficult for me. As a counsellor once recognized about me, I have no less than one million things going on in my head at any given time. This is an annoying trait in intimate moments. There is nothing more frustrating than thinking about your grocery list when a girl is doing her best to get you off, especially when you are doing everything in your power to turn off the grocery brain.

There have only been two individuals in my life that have actually triumphed in the art of giving Dallas an orgasm. They were both women. I was in love with them both. I have not had a long list of sexual triumphs with either men, women, or gender non-conforming folks, but i have had enough to know that only two people is a small number.

The point I am trying to get at in regards to this article is that I believe that lesbians have more orgasms because quite simply, as women, it is hard for us to let go, and we know this. We all have a million things running in our heads. When we engage in intimacy we know this. We take the time to allow our partner to let go. We appreciate the struggle, and the process. We love the time it takes. We get it. We love.

Dykes Do It Better! Apparently went it comes to orgasms we know what to do…

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