Microfiction Part 2: Missing People

Micro fiction - very short story - Nandhini 06

Missing People

“Matt! Where is Sondra?” she asked for the fourth time.

He finally turned around from Sondra’s desk to respond.

“I’m not sure,” he said.

Was that nervousness she heard in his voice?

“Why are you sitting at her desk than?” she inquired as she quickly dropped her purse and office keys down on her desk next to Sondra’s, her eyes never leaving Matt.

“Oh yeah, right. I guess it looks weird me sitting here.”

“Well considering you don’t work here – yah, it looks weird.”

“She called me this morning. Apparently she found a cheque yesterday in front of her apartment building on her way to work and she forgot it here.. She asked me to look for it on her desk and take it home. I swear Marie, that is all I know.”

“Did she say she wasn’t coming in” she asked. scratching her mass of tight blonde curls in confusion.

“No, I swear that was all she said!”

“Matt, I think that we should call the police and file a missing persons report. This is all sounding strange.”

“That’s too much. She would kill us. It’s probably nothing.”

Marie was already on the phone, “Ya, she is 38, long, straight brown hair. Medium build with..”

“Marie! Stop it. this is stupid!” Matt yelled as he jumped up from Sondra’s chair and grabbed the phone from her.

“My friend is overreacting Officer. I just talked to Sondra this morning,” Matt assured them.

“Okay, thanks, I will.”

Marie could feel the burn of rage erupt in her cheeks. “How dare you say that I was overreacting! Sondra is missing, she found a cheque, your here. Why isn’t this strange to you? Wait, how did you get in here this morning?”

“Sondra thought you might ask me that,” Matt whispered as he slowly made his way towards her.

Microfiction Part 2: Missing People

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