Jacqueline Ann Barnes, or Smeal as she preferred. Barnes was her married name, Smeal was given to her at birth. Her parents, James Murray Smeal and Joyce Rosalie Smeal nee Williams were teenage parents and had Jacqueline (Jacki with an ‘i’ was the only way she would let it be shortened) at the ripe old age of 16. The year was 1950, and the place was West Vancouver, British Columbia. After Jacki, Nancy, Barbara, and Don were born. There was a child between Nancy and Barbara however they did not survive.

James Brock Barnes was born in 1949, also in West Vancouver, British Columbia. His parents, Alma Minnie Barnes nee Horeis and John Wade Barnes were not quite so young when Brock (the James is never used, and is a general Barnes tradition) was born. Alma and John Wade were 29 and 30 respectively. Brock’s brother John Wade Jr. was born 5 years earlier than Brock in Dallas, Texas. You can start to see where this name thing is going.

Dallas Rosalie Barnes was born in 1973 in North Vancouver, British Columbia. If you haven’t figured this out yet, this person is me. My parents Jacki and Brock were fairly young, both 23 and 24 respectively. After me, my brother James Wade Barnes was born in 1976, again in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

The tree stops at the next two little people. Wyatt James Murray Barnes was born in 2011 in New Westminster, B.C. His parents Wade and Erin Barnes, nee Rayner were 35 and 28 respectively. His sister, Euphemia Daisy Coraline Barnes (or Effie as she is more commonly known), was born in 2014 in Maple Ridge, B.C.

My guess is that this tree will not continue unless either Wyatt or Effie decide to have children. Until than. I am beginning to work backwards from both Joyce and Murray and John Wade and Alma.

Jacqueline Ann Barnes was my mom and lost her battle with cancer last year on May 23, 2014. She was an avid follower and often spent days and weeks secluded in her make shift office that was also a sewing room. A couple of years ago, when I began to really pursue my writing career, my mom suggested that I write about my family. After she passed, I inherited both her account and thousands of pages of family trees, birth certificates, death certificates, war records and property records. I also inherited her curiosity of our ancestry.


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