What are you waiting for??

In a world shadowed by doubt, fear, and disappointment.. it’s hard to think and feel like you deserve … well anything remotely good.

When your whole life feels like some cruel joke filled with immense highs and tremendous lows… you feel such guilt at even thinking that everything is going to be ok.

Yet, all you have ever wanted … was just to be happy.

And you continue fighting for it, even though you think you may just collapse into a sea of tears and heartache.

And you wonder why you just haven’t said ‘fuck it’ and went for everything because you really have nothing to lose.

And when you realize that you are almost there.. ready, ready, ready…

But that bitch of a thing called failure keeps popping its fucking head in to the picture.

And you are so afraid

Because your remember what it was like

What happened

That shame …. devastating.

But you continue fighting…

You are worth it.

What are you waiting for??

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