Book Review: Book by a female author.

The Girl You Left Behind: JoJo Moyes


I have the priviledge of working in a bookstore and with that I receive many copies of books from publishers hoping that we will love them and read them and recommend them to our customers. We also have a stash of books in our lunch room that have been read and are looking for good homes. This is where I picked up JoJo Moyes The Girl You Left Behind.

The last time I read a romance was in 1991 when I discovered feminism. I loathe romance novels only because of its ridiculous language and heternormativity. Jojo Moynes has won two Romantic Novelist Awards and this particular novel is also about a couple of heterosexual romances.


So you would probably ask… why did I chose this particular novel? Well, a couple of reasons: I liked the cover, and it centres around a piece of art. I am not a picky reader, and the simple things usually bring me joy.

The first half of the story, set in 1916, tells the tale of Sophie, a strong French woman left to tend to a hotel and a nasty group German soldiers after her husband Edouard has left to go to the war. Artist Edouard’s portrait of Sophie hangs in the hotel, and catches the eye of the Kommandant. All Sophie wants to do is find her husband who she has not heard from in months and stops at nothing to find him.

The second half of the story catches up with Liv, nearly 100 year later who is now the owner of the painting. Liz is struggling with some demons of her own, and the question of the paintings past and rightful ownership put her to the test.

My verdict:

Grade: A

As mentioned, I loathe romance novels. But , I think the cure for the romance blahs is that of JoJo Moynes. I am a believer again. There is so much wit, despair, soul, and fun in this that I could not put it down. As an aspiring novelist I took so many great ideas from her words. This book is full of intelligence and historical intrigue. At some points I wanted to cry, throw up, and laugh. Danielle Steele has never done this for me.

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Book Review: Book by a female author.

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So I have decided to take up this challenge. I read and read well but sometimes I find that my quantity of reading goes through its ebbs and flows. This challenge will keep me on my toes.


The Lost Prince by Selden Edwards

This work of fiction is a continuation of Edwards’s debut The Little Book. I picked that book up at the Bargain Section of Chapters based on the cover alone. After the first chapter I was hooked and the same can be said about The Lost Prince. It has all of the fine ingredients of history , time travel, Europe and a strong female lead.

2015 Reading Challenge: A Book Set In A Different Country