2015 Reading Challenge: A Book Set In A Different Country


So I have decided to take up this challenge. I read and read well but sometimes I find that my quantity of reading goes through its ebbs and flows. This challenge will keep me on my toes.


The Lost Prince by Selden Edwards

This work of fiction is a continuation of Edwards’s debut The Little Book. I picked that book up at the Bargain Section of Chapters based on the cover alone. After the first chapter I was hooked and the same can be said about The Lost Prince. It has all of the fine ingredients of history , time travel, Europe and a strong female lead.

2015 Reading Challenge: A Book Set In A Different Country

“Remember Me as a Revolutionary Communist”


“From that moment on I was her butch and she was my femme.”
Leslie Feinberg, Stone Butch Blues

On November 15, 2014 Trans Warrior and self proclaimed Revolutionary Communist Leslie Feinberg passed away. There are no words to describe Leslie. For me there are only thank-you’s and promises.

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for coming into my life at a time where my identity was being questions by myself and many of those around me. Thank you for putting words into my thoughts and making my questions and confusion make sense. Thank you for crusading. Thank you for laying the ground work for what is still an overwhelming struggle. Thank you for speaking so kindly about women like me who love butches like you. Thank you for making me feel desired and loved. Thank you for smiling at me when I came up to you to sign my copy of Stone Butch Blues. Thank you for me making me feel important.

And I promise to continue to fight in your honour and for all of those that came before me and you.


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“Remember Me as a Revolutionary Communist”