Thank you, thank you, merci, merci mes amis

Sunny ways, positive politics can do


Canadians, Canadians from across Canada

Can make things happen


Thank you, merci, Gerald and Katie

Tough and hardworking and a shared vision


Tonight, my good friends, it was proven

Public life isn’t a naïve dream


Volunteers, hearts, thank you

Even to those across the aisle

Mr. Harper, Mr. Mulcair

Faith, in yourselves, in your country

Minds and hard work


You did, you put me here

Creating jobs and devotion

Middle Class

Country Strong, differences, because of them

I understand openness and transparency


St. Catharines, Ontario, young mom

Muslim, making her own choices


A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian

We beat fear with hope

Merci, Merci, Merci


“Please Be Nice to Target Employees”

In response to the following article:

‘Please Be Kind to Target Employees”

Huffington Post: Business Canada

January 16, 2015.

So Target is closing its doors after a quick, almost non existence visit to their neighbours up North. For the general Canadian public there was a collective “I told you so” popping up in the comment sections of newspapers and magazines. Twitter was on fire with #Targetclosing, and Facebook folks could not help but offer their bits of wisdom to the American retail magnate. I, ashamedly so, was one of them.

On top of the Huffington Post article I shared outlining the details of the billion dollar cessation I cleverly (or at least I thought) wrote ‘SEE YA!!!!’ in all caps and at least 10 exclamation points. And then someone commented. “I really feel bad for the 17,000 employees. My heart sank, and my soul crushed. When did I become this uncaring denigrator?

I was a discourteous jerk. I had forgotten where I came from, and I absolutely forgot that I am still there. My mom always said (I think from the time I came out of the womb), “until you are perfect, you can’t criticize.” I am far from perfect, and I did a whole lot of criticizing and I feel awful.

Perhaps you are thinking, “So what?” This business decree does not affect me in any way, shape or form. And you would be right. This really doesn’t affect me at all. In fact I only shopped at Target once and bought a yoga mat. It fell apart, and I never went there again. But, it is not Target the store that I feel sorrow for. There are now 17,000 souls that are facing unemployment. These are people like me who are generally at the mercy of a few wealthy few who happen to control most of the money in North America.

To further illuminate my connection to these 17,000 souls, let me explain quickly a few points about me.

  • I have been working in some capacity of retail for a combined total of 20 years.
  • Retail jobs have supported me through College once and University twice.
  • Retail has been my saving grace when I have been at my financial worst.
  • I still am working in retail even though I have three degrees.                                                                                                            As much as I curse retail for making my legs hurt and head ache, I can’t help but think that it is my one true staple. I have applied for hundreds of non-retail jobs, and have barely had a call back. Retail has always taken me. I have three degrees, but I still work for the same type of people that made that fateful decision to terminate 17,000 jobs. This could have been me.                                                                                        So, when I said “See ya” to Target I was actually saying “I don’t care” to 17,000 souls that could have included me. It’s a tough world out there, and rather than bashing the sum of Target and all of its parts, let’s just practice a bit of grace. That is the least we could do.
“Please Be Nice to Target Employees”